Jacob’s 2nd Birthday

Birthday parties are the primary reason I wanted to start a blog! I love birthday party’s…and I can say that now because I am not in the mist of planning one 😂. Preparing these parties can be a tad stressful! I tend to go WAY overboard, it’s a problem but they are only little once and they might never remember but I have ALL the pictures!

I figured I would start with Jacob’s 2nd Birthday party since we just had it a couple months ago, then I would back tract from there because Isaac’s first five parties were some of my favorites, so stay tune for those!

I’ll start with the theme. I always let the kids choose their theme. Of course it’s impossible for a one year old to choose, so that is the only one that I have complete say over 🙌🏼! This year Jacob has been super into Elmo, McQueen (Cars) and Mickey (I thought it would be cute to do a Disney Halloween theme since his birthday is in October but that did go over well! So we put three stuff animals in front of him and let him choose, of course McQueen won (several times.)

A cars theme was easy enough! Since Jacob is only two and doesn’t have any small people friends yet, I knew it would be pretty easy. I didn’t have to worry about too many games to keep the kids entertained.

The invite is always a big part for me because I feel like it sets the tone for the rest of the party. I had found this template and through a lot of trial and error I was finally able to make this work!


Then as far as “games,” the only thing I really wanted to make was some box cars! knowing full well that this was for a two year olds party and one fall all my hard work would be ruin….however we did have some tumbles and these surprisingly held together well! They were pretty easy, but my hands killed me after. I would recommend using a knife instead of scissors. However I found I had more control with the scissors.

I started out with copy paper boxes. I used the flaps on one side to make the tops of the car and cut the flaps on the other side out so the kids could stand in themI searched around to find an example of what I was look for and this is the box car I designed these after


The next big thing I was worried about was the cake. We don’t have a lot of bakery options around us and the ones we do have are pretty pricey. So I started just buying a plain sheet cakes and decorating them myself. I am NO cake designer by any means but some how I have been able to pull off some pretty cute cakes!

For this cake, I bought a toy Mater and Mcqueen to put on top and that was about it. The night before the party I was laying in bed trying to think of what else I could do and remember I had some leftover fountant from last years cake. I thought I could make a giant two and make it look like a road. Then I could smash up some gram-crackers to make it look like deserty (<– is that a word) Then that morning I remember we had bought Jacob a new Mcqueen toy that had come with tiny cacti and…..BAM! The cake was probably one of my favorite parts!

The rest was little decorations here and there, most of them I found on amazon. Of course I had my trusty Letterfolk board that I ABSOLUTELY love for all my boys milestones!

Powered donuts = White wall tires

Chocolate donuts = Luigi’s tower of tires

Candy Corns = cozy cones

Stop light mini cupcakes



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